The Item I Wear to Death: My Canada Goose Sweater

I love you.

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In our biweekly series, editors share "the item they wear to death," whether it be a basic white tee or a super-trendy jumpsuit. Prepare yourself (and your credit card) for some guilt-free shopping.

There is literally nothing I love more in winter than a cozy sweater, hot coffee, and the warmth of my own apartment. The thing I could do without? The freezing cold, which it’s nearly impossible to avoid when you live in New York City. The summers here are scorching while winters can be bone-chilling with wind tunnels taking you by surprise around every corner.

But back to sweaters and winter-appropriate fashion: My go-to this season is my Canada Goose knit turtleneck. You know the brand for its reliably warm outerwear, but its sweaters are equally as insulating and comfy too.

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Style tip: Tuck just a bit of your sweater into jeans for a flattering, casual vibe.

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Last summer, I was invited to travel to Italy with the Canada Goose team to visit the factory responsible for producing these knitwear pieces and my initial thought was Canada Goose doesn't craft their pieces in...Canada? I later learned that while their parkas are made in Toronto, the brand produces their knits in Italy in order to ensure the finest craftsmanship available and the highest quality materials.

My trip began at the factory, which was just a train ride outside of Milan. There I witnessed how each piece is cared for and constructed (made from Merino wool, a soft, yet durable and breathable, fabric that works just as well for everyday as it does for performance.)

Though I first encountered the sweater in summer, I really fell in love with it this winter. I've toted this sweater all over New York City with me, from the office, to market appointments around the city, to ice skating in Bryant Park. It's also proven it's worth in the negative-two-degree days on snowboarding trips to the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont. Despite my adoration for my Canada Goose sweater, I know these $300-plus knitwear pieces are an investment. However, when you're looking for quality, craftsmanship, and a staple piece, you can put your money on a brand that checks off all these boxes.

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Sweater and coffee, I am a happy camper.

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For those of you willing to splurge on one of your own, here are similar sweaters to shop. I guarantee you they will stand the test of time...and temperature.

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