Watch Chanel's Spring 2021 Show Here

We may not be in Paris, but we can still get our Chanel fix.

We may not be at the Grand Palais in Paris this year (you know, the site that has hosted some of Chanel's notoriously iconic sets—remember the beach (opens in new tab)? The ski chalet (opens in new tab)? The Eiffel Tower (opens in new tab)? The spaceship (opens in new tab) that actually blasted off?!?) to watch Virginie Viard's spring/summer 2021 collection walk the runway in person, but thankfully the brand is livestreaming the show so we can watch from the comfort (and safety) of our own homes.

“A very simple, very pure momentum. Romanticism but without any flourishes. Emotions but without any frills,” Viard said (opens in new tab) of her fall 2020 collection (opens in new tab). “Movement, air... For the runway show, no frame. I don’t like framing.” This season we don't have any hints about what the collection might look like except for the show invite which has a Hollywood sign look to it. What does this mean?! We'll all have to tune into the livestream to find out.


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