Eco-Chic Look of the Week

mcx-amanda-sustainable-look-0411-lgn.jpgCheck out my head-to-toe sustainable ensemble and where to buy each piece!

mcx-amanda-sustainable-bag-0411-lgn.jpgKnown for her vegan accessories, Stella McCartney is at the top of her game. Here I am wearing her Pembridge Square Tote made of organic cotton. It's the perfect size for work!

mcx-amanda-sustainable-jacket-0411-lgn.jThis jacket by Burning Torch is made of recycled army uniforms, similar in concept to Christopher Raeburn's pieces. Literally no one in the office knew it was a sustainable piece and was asking me where I got it!

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mcx-amanda-sustainable-shoes-0411-lgn.jpI've been loving Cri de Coeur shoes recently because they don't sacrifice style for sustainability. This particular pair is vegan with a reclaimed wood sole. Cute!

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