Kenneth Cole Reinvents the Iconic AIDS Ribbon

Designer Kenneth Cole is almost as well known for his philanthropic and charitable endeavors as he is for his fashion empire. He has never backed away from taboo issues and was one of the first public figures to talk publicly about the AIDS epidemic and raise awareness for the issue in the early '80s. Now, to commemorate the discovery of the virus 30 years ago and to inspire a new generation to tackle the issue head-on, Cole has designed a new AIDS ribbon.

Available online and in stores, this ribbon features a double loop, symbolizing "the coming together of individuals and the re-doubling of efforts in the fight against HIV and AIDS." Celebs such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Cyndi Lauper, and Ke$ha have all joined Cole to promote the new ribbon, whose net profits will all be donated to the Kenneth Cole Foundation. The pins are available now through the end of December, so get yours now and support! The Kenneth Cole team (pictured below) is already sporting the ribbons.

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