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Sarah McColgan

We all love to wear jeans. But the thrill of the hunt for the perfect pair often leaves us hungry for the right size. Why not beat the heat of a tiny dressing room as other ladies claw for their spot in line and skip the denim shopping adventure altogether? There's no need to trek through a jungle of jeans downtown when you can find your perfect pair of designer jeans at home. That's right, no more sweating and squeezing into a pair of Frankie B's because you love that low-rise style. Find a brand that fits you at, a new company with a new philosophy that will change your shopping mantra. Experience the thrill of "fit before fashion," and end the shopping safari. Experience a place where you can find designer jeans that fit your body shape and style online.

True Jeans was born from two fit-frustrated shoppers who loathed traditional jeans shopping. So, after two years of extensive research, testing, and development, Romney Evans and Jessica Arredondo have launched their online store where women and men can shop for jeans that fit them. Now you can navigate your way through a marketplace of denim tailored to you. True Jeans will even provide a map!

To get started, all you have to do is go to the True Jeans Website and create your own body profile. Follow the easy-to-use measuring directions or you can estimate your body shape. You can use your own soft measuring tape or True Jeans can send you a Fit Kit. The Fit Kit includes directions on how to measure yourself, measuring tape, and the fit scale. After you get your measurements, record your measurements in your online body profile. Next, you can choose your style preferences. Not all styles will fit everyone, so some styles that don't fit a particular customer will be eliminated from search results -- remember, it's "fit before fashion." But don't worry, the True Jeans fit specialists have conducted a lot of research to pair you with the right style and size. And they have compiled this information to create accurate recommendations for you to choose from.

After you've entered your measurements and style preferences, you can search through your recommended selections and buy any pair you want. Each pair is rated by the True Jeans fit scale, which is calibrated with your body profile. You'll find designer labels with a rating from one to five -- five stars being the perfect fit.

Welcome to the civilized world of jeans shopping -- where your new favorite pair of jeans comes to you.

True Jeans,

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