Celebrity Shoe Crimes

These crimes against fashion put these celebs on MC's Most Wanted list.
model agnes bruckner
John Shearer/Wire Image
model agnes bruckner
John Shearer/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Agnes Bruckner's leopard-print Uggs have no place on the red carpet, especially when paired with bare legs and a LBD.
gwyneth paltrow
Tony Barson/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
The black booties Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing would be cute on their own — but paired with white ankle socks they're an eyesore.
lily allen
Jon Furniss/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Is Lily Allen about to make a run for it? The Brit's sneakers are best left for the treadmill, not the red carpet.
ashley olsen
Mark Von Holden/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Do those feel as uncomfortable as they look? These boots upstage Ashley Olsen's outfit — a classic pair of pumps would have pulled the look together without being overwhelming.
jaslene gonzalez
Gary Gershoff/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
America's Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez looks like she's going after another title — America's Next Top Wrestler. An A for effort, but a peep toe doesn't distract from the fact that she's sporting lace-up wrestling shoes.
Kevin Mazur/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Madonna's crime? Carrying a concealed weapon — the heels of her shoes are little guns.
ashley tisdale
Fotonoticias/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
On their own, Ashley Tisdale's heels would be perfect, but we wish she would have decided against pairing them with stirrup leggings.
jennifer connelly
E. Charbonneau/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Jennifer Connelly's chic white dress looks more like a bath towel when paired with flat, nursing-home sandals.
avril lavigne
Ryan Born/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Avril Lavigne usually pulls off the punk-rock princess look, but it falls flat this time when she trades her signature skater-girl sneakers for men's work boots.
joss stone
Joe Kohen/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
We can appreciate thinking outside the box, but we can't help but wonder if Joss Stone meant to end up with two different-colored heels on.
bai ling
Jean-Paul Aussenard/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Bai Ling never fails to shock with her style, and this time it's her boots that take center stage.
lara flynn boyle
John Sciulli/Wire Image
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Child-Free Celebs
In 2002, Lara Flynn Boyle told Zap2It, "I love children and I love men, but I can't commit to either for the rest of my life. I am a very selfish person. I had such a great mom and I know that I'd never be that mom. I wouldn't want to bring a child into this world unless I could be. I think the institution of marriage is a great idea, but for me it's just an idea. And I don't believe that women can successfully have it all. I really don't." She's since changed her mind about marriage, tying the knot with businessman Donald Ray Thomas II, but she remains child-free.
mischa barton
James Devaney/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
We know why Mischa Barton is hiding behind those sunglasses — she doesn't want to be seen in those fringed Pocahontas boots.
paris hilton
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Paris Hilton's getup — not a Halloween costume — is a miss from head to toe. But her boots are the mullet of shoes — knee-high boot from the front, pumps from the back.
pixie geldof
Jon Furniss/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
We're not sure what look Pixie Geldof was going for, but a giant fur coat paired with sky-high Lucite platform heels brings only one word to mind — and it's not classy.
rachel bilson
Steve Granitz/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Can someone lend Rachel Bilson a pair of heels? Her open-toed paper bag booties don't do justice to the rest of her cute ensemble.
Steve Granitz/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Skintight leather pants or skintight leather boots? Rihanna couldn't choose just one.
solange knowles
Gary Gershoff/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
Beyoncé's sis, Solange Knowles, is trying to make a name for herself — but showing up in worst-dressed lists because of those moplike shoes isn't the way to do it.
tara reid
Steve Granitz/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
The hefty platform sandals on Tara Reid should have stayed in her closet — and paired with a sweatshirt and denim mini, she looks less like a red-carpet celeb and more like a sorority girl on a beer run.
victoria beckham
Brian Ach/Wire Image
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Celebrity Shoe Crimes
The always fashion-forward Victoria Beckham is sporting boots that are missing their heels, forcing her to balance on the balls of her feet. No wonder she's always scowling.
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