The 17 Best Fuzzy Socks for Winter 2022

Your feet will thank you.

Young woman wearing fuzzy socks in her home in Christmas time
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As winter weather creeps in, so too does my desire to wear loungewear all day long. I’ve already stocked up on cozy essentials like sweaters and robes, so I’ve moved on to looking for the best-ever fuzzy socks. You know the ones: those super thick, warm socks that make your feet feel like you’re walking on clouds rather than the cold floor of your apartment.

As a child, I wore the kinds of fuzzy socks that were either covered in holiday patterns or came in a bright array of neon hues. Now that I’m an adult, my fuzzy sock criteria has changed. Yes, they have to be comfortable and thick, but they also need to be cute enough to wear around my houseguests. With that in mind, many of the fuzzy socks on this list are great not only for wearing but for gifting, too. If you’re a member of the kind of family that dresses alike during the holiday season (my cousins and I always wear matching pajama sets, for example), gift everyone in your brood a pair of socks this season and pose for a cute picture or two to show them off.

Other fuzzy socks on this list are perfect for a moment of self-care when it’s too cold to even go outside to grab your pickup order—or you can buy a pair that matches your new favorite robe or cashmere sweater, if you’re looking for something fun, you can buy a pair that’s just as neon as the ones you used to wear. Ahead, I’ve found the coziest socks on the market for you to shop right now.

Julia Marzovilla
E-Commerce Editor

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