The Best Mary Jane Flats Are Equal Parts Sensible and Sassy

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Women wearing Mary Jane flats by Vagabond
(Image credit: Larroudé)

Indulge us for a moment and ponder the personalities of fall's key shoe silhouettes. Platform heels are the party girl, always begging to "keep the night going!" with one more round. Low-top, slender sneakers are the friend that keeps taps on up-and-coming sports fads (she's very into pickleball at the moment). Then there are Mary Jane-style ballet flats: she's sensible, occasionally sassy, and has a healthy relationship with her inner child. In fall 2023's shoe trend landscape, the latter lady takes the majority of the spotlight. And as styles hit the market in preparation for fall, the best Mary Jane flats of the season are making themselves apparent.

Aeyde, a minimalistic leather goods brand, is a favorite amongst fashion folks for its timeless square-toe flat Uma. There's French label Repetto, too, which offers a sleek, near-identical iteration of its iconic ballet flats save for a lone snap-button fastening. For the more statement dressers, there is a slew of Mary Jane flats boasting more maximal touches: Larrroudé's Blair comes in mirror-like silver specchio.

Ahead, we spotlight more brands that offer cute but not too cute takes on the girlish shoe. Find a well-researched and comprehensive guide to shopping the very best Mary Janes below.

The Best Mary Jane Flats

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