Beyoncé Mixes a Vintage, Coachella-Worthy Shirtdress With Under-$60 Jewelry

Queen Bee doesn't need expensive jewelry to look like $1 million.

Beyonce wearing a vintage roberto cavalli coat and affordable jewelry in front of a photo of mountains
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Beyoncé is taking boho-chic to the next level, and she doesn't need bank-breaking pieces of jewelry to do it.

On Friday, June 9, the Cowboy Carter singer posted a series of photos on Instagram highlighting a Coachella-worthy outfit, featuring a Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2002 ready-to-wear tiered coatdress, made of suede and embellished with pink and dark flower-like cutouts. The interior of the coat popped with red-dyed fabric and cheetah-print panels.

The Bohemian-inspired top was paired with simple high-rise denim shorts and suede wedge boots. In a few of the pictures posted to her social media, Beyoncé also wore a cream-colored cowboy hat.

To complete her straight-out-of-a-western look, Queen Bee wore a gold chunky necklace featuring a ball pendant and a pair of gold earrings featuring round angles, both by 8 Other Reasons.

Clearly, Beyoncé's stylist, Shiona Turini, hit it out of the park (again).

Perhaps surprising to some, the jewelry is far more affordable than some of the other pieces Beyoncé has worn—the earrings are $48 while the necklace is $52.

Turns out, you don't have to be break the bank in order to accessorize like a world-famous music and movie star reportedly worth $760 million, according to Forbes.

In anticipation of and after the release of her first-ever country album, Beyoncé has been embracing country music-inspired fashion with an elevated flair. In March, the singer and actress posted two Instagram slideshows highlighting a black, avant-garde tuxedo featuring a shiny, black ribbon around her collar with a string of diamonds hanging down the center.

She paired the custom Givenchy jacket with a quintessential white button-down shirt, black, point-toe, patent-leather platform stiletto heels and a pair of flared black trousers.

Beyonce stands in front of a photo of mountains wearing a vintage shirt dress and boots

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In April, Beyoncé once again fully embraced the cowboy-chic trend while attending the iHeartRadio Music Awards at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

While accepting the Innovator Award just days after releasing Cowboy Carter, the singer wore a black, all-leather Versace vintage outfit from the autumn/winter 1992 collection. As Marie Claire previously reported, the fringed jacket and matching pants were designed by the late Gianni Versace and originally modeled by Naomi Campbell.

Whether it's glittering sequined ten-gallon hats or head-to-toe denim, it's clear that Beyoncé is not leaving her cowgirl era anytime soon.

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