The 18 Best Rain Boots for Women

So you're not that person at the office in wellies.

rain boots
(Image credit: Louis Vuitton)

Rain boots are one of those functional wardrobe essentials that exist for a very specific occasion. It’s safe to say that when you’re being forced to go out in the rain, you’re on your way to somewhere important (otherwise you’d be home in sweats with a cup of tea). Who wants to be that person in literal galoshes when you arrive at work or at a restaurant? (Spoiler: no one.) Chances are, you’re not going to drag a change of shoes out in the rain as well, so why not find you a rain boot that can do both? The objective is to look like you’re not really wearing a rain boot rain boot. It’s more like: Here is a fabulous boot you just so happen to be wearing in the rain. That way, you’re totally covered when you must face the weather head-on and not look like you’re on the local Stormtracker team or on your way to trudge through a muddy field. We’ve rounded up cute rain best boots that barely look like rain boots, to keep your feet dry and your sense of style above water.

Julia Gall
Julia Gall

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