10 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Know and Shop Immediately

For your environmentally-conscious soul.


Sustainability has become a trending topic for fashion brands that want to appeal to environmentally-conscious millennial shoppers. According to Business of Fashion, “66 percent of global millennials are willing to spend more on brands that are sustainable,” and the demand from customers that brands be held accountable for waste and carbon footprint is projected to skyrocket in 2018. As a fashion lover and someone who Googles things like, "Great Pacific garbage patch news" (here's where your trash ends up, btw) I'm breathing a small sigh of relief that people—and companies—are starting to care more.

Stella McCartney was a sustainability pioneer in the luxury sector (she launched her fur-free, leather-free business in 2001, despite many skeptics), and labels including Everlane and Reformation are leading the charge in creating eco-friendly, yet fashion-forward clothes for millennials, proving that you can look nice and be nice to the planet. But these brands are not alone in tackling the issue of sustainability in fashion. More and more companies are setting out to do the same, and I've rounded up ten you should know. From footwear to handbag labels, these retailers are changing the planet...and the way you shop.

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1 Amur

If you believe that great style doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment, Amur will resonate with you. The New York City–based brand uses organic and natural fibers, like hemp and linen, in their clothing; they also use recycled polyester and PET fibers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If you thought eco-friendly clothes were all neutral and boring, think again. Amur's designs are vibrant and playful. The label is proof that trend-driven styles and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

Our shopping pick: Dylan dress, $419

2 Mirabelle

This handmade jewelry brand has the royal stamp of approval: Kate Middleton has worn Mirabelle earrings on several different occasions! The label, founded by Veronique Henry, uses only fair trade suppliers to source its sterling silver, 22k gold-plated metals, brass, bronze, and semi precious stones. With necklaces ranging from $52 to $200 and earrings from $14 to $125, you guilt-free shopping isn't even an indulgence.

Our shopping pick: Talia stud aquamarine earrings, $86

3 Arela

This Scandinavian-based brand, launched in 2006, produces sustainable cashmere knitwear and cotton basics. Designer and founder Maija Arela runs her namesake label with her two daughters, Anni and Viivi. In keeping with its environmentally-friendly approach, the brand will take back any used garment to be up-cycled to make new products. Arela also ships out online orders in reusable packaging.

Our shopping pick: Tove pale pink jacket, $193

4 Matt and Nat

Montreal handbag label Matt and Nat was founded in 1995 and from the start, was committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their minimalist designs. Over the years, the brand's experimented with different recycled materials, like cardboard and rubber, and since 2007, has used only recycled plastic bottles to line its bags.

Our shopping pick: Bucket bag, $125

5 Allbirds

Instagram sensation Allbirds created a sneaker that's not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly. Its newest release are flip-flops with soles made from sugar cane. The brand's dubbed it SweetFoam and the material's more earth-friendly than plastic foam EVA, which is often used in the production of footwear. (FYI, even Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in this brand.) If this doesn't make you want to purchase a pair of Allbirds, I don't know what will.

Our shopping pick: Women's wool runners, $95

6 Everlane

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By now, you're probably familiar thoroughly-obsessed with Everlane. The millennial-driven brand has amassed a loyal group of shoppers by being transparent about how and where its clothes are produced. In fact, on the website, you can select a factory from around the world and get a glimpse of what life is like inside these spaces. The brand's forthright message and minimalist fashion aesthetic makes it one of my favorite online shopping destinations.

Our shopping pick: High-rise skinny jean, $68

7 Bleusalt

If you're looking for sustainable clothes with west coast vibes and a celebrity following, Bleusalt is your brand. The luxury athleisure apparel line is made in Los Angeles out of fabric sourced from beechwood trees in Austria. Though Bleusalt shot to prominence with its soft hoodie, it now offers everything from slip dresses to "Cindy Crawford pants." The model reportedly requested pants that were designed for long legs and featured big pockets and a relaxed fit. (She got them.)

Our shopping pick: The slip dress, $200

8 Nisolo

Footwear brand Nisolo produces shoes that are all sustainably and ethically sourced. The leather for the shoes comes from tanneries committed to the ethical treatment of animals, and the brand works with fair-trade factories in places like Peru and Mexico, while also enlisting small, independent artisans to create shoes and jewelry. On top of all this, the label is affordable, with prices ranging from $70 to $248.

Our shopping pick: Isla slide sandal, $88

9 Brother Vellies

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Founded by Aurora James, Brother Vellies has quickly become one of my favorite fashion brands for its out-of-the-box creations (see the hairy goat bags, above). All the products are handmade in South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Morocco and adhere to the practices of slow fashion (farm-to-table of the fashion world). The company even has a full online section detailing its sustainable practices, from who makes the accessories to where they're produced. While the prices are rather high, you know your money is ultimately benefiting a community that needs it and the planet.

Our shopping pick: Cloud pouch, $585

10 H&M Conscious

H&M lovers will be glad to know the fast-fashion retailer offers a seasonal environmentally-friendly clothing line called "H&M Conscious." The pieces in the current 2018 collection are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, but at that same affordable price you've come to know and love. The next time you're shopping at H&M, make sure to check out this section first.

Our shopping pick: Trench coat, $60

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