33 Eco-Friendly Gifts Your Friends, Family, and the Planet Will Love

Make every day Earth Day.

Eco-Friendly Gifts
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Eco-friendly gift-giving—is there even such a thing? More stuff inevitably means more plastic and waste, plus more emissions from manufacturing. The need to be a mindful shopper has never been more important. With that in mind, a growing number of brands have responded to the call for more ethical, transparent processes by leaving a smaller carbon footprint. By now, there are a number of innovative solutions: Each of these brands really prioritizes some aspect of sustainability, from zero-waste to recycled materials to transparency in production (and sometimes all of the above). In each case, they're moving away from "fast fashion"—goods made quickly and cheaply, designed to fall apart or stop working after a couple of uses. A good retailer will encourage you to buy investment pieces that'll last a long time—which may lead to fewer sales for them, but also fewer harmful byproducts. And, lest you think that sustainable always equals pricey, there are a number of ways to shop sustainably without breaking the bank. 

The clothes, jewelry, and accessories on this list will last your recipients for years without needing to be replaced. The home and beauty products—bars of soap, makeup, food bags, and so on—will give your giftee the option to replace their plastic, toxin-heavy products with cleaner and healthier versions. These are a few of the ways to give the perfect gift without ignoring climate change and waste, and each of these items will work as a thoughtful gift to give or ask for.