Hailey Bieber Is Leading the '80s Style Revival

Her recent look proves the decade is just as stylish as its counterparts.

Hailey Bieber '80s blazer stirrup leggings
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For the past few years, we’ve seen 2000s trends take hold of the fashion, beauty, and even lifestyle space. From low-rise jeans to butterfly clips and everything in between, there’s no doubt that the early-aughts have dominated for a while now. Yet, trends come and go, and, according to Hailey Bieber, it's time to put another decade in the spotlight. Bieber wore an oversized blazer and stirrup leggings, a combo that felt full-on '80s inspired—like big teased hair, clip-on earrings, Melanie Griffith in Working Girl-level of '80s.

The multi-hyphenate, who's always been known for her enviously good street style, was spotted recently sporting a strong-shouldered, David Byrne-style oversized blazer with black stirrup leggings. Truly, reader, how much more ‘80s of an outfit can you get? Although, in theory, we can’t imagine walking around in full neon and leotards, Bieber’s recent fall outfit proved that not all '80s trends are bad. In fact, the Rhode founder made a strong case that ‘80s fashion can be quite chic, actually.

Although her husband Justin may not have a similar styling ethos (you've seen the viral image of her in a sleek mini dress, and he's in sweatpants), Hailey’s wardrobe has consistently shown her love for elevated basics and simple yet sophistiated pieces. She styled her oversized tan blazer and leggings with a black crewneck top and black kitten heels from Toteme (which were tucked into her stirrup bottoms). On the accessories front, she opted for black sunglasses and an oversized tote bag from Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

Hailey Bieber was seen out in '80s stye staples like leggings and a blazer

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Easygoing, quiet luxury looks have captivated the aesthetics of many, and when busy celebrities like Bieber also opt into the trend, it further substantiates the trend's dominance over bold, maximalist style. Best of all is that wardrobe basics, like a blazer and leggings, are easy. They make dressing in the morning simple and getting through the day without a wardrobe malfunction a walk in the park. You can rotate a blazer and leggings in different looks, and we can guarantee they’ll be in style forever.

You can style leggings and a blazer like Hailey does, or you can mix and match these items with other pieces in your closet. Anyone who owns a pair of leggings knows how easy it is to throw on the style with UGG and a sweater for cozy days indoors, or layer them with knee-high boots and an oversized turtleneck for running errands. If you don’t love the pin-straight style, choose leggings with a flare. Similarly, this can be said for blazers: There are fitted styles, oversized options, and a handful of different fabrics and materials.

Need more inspiration in addition to Bieber on how to wear leggings in 2023? Look to Miu Miu, which celebrated the stretchy bottoms in their now-iconic Fall/Winter 2023 runway show that demonstrated the stronghold of errand-running leggings and their importance in any wardrobe. And if you need any more convincing to get behind an '80s-esque blazer, Megan Markle (our royal style queen) also approves of jackets inspired by the decade.

Bieber's blazer and leggings outfit is simple enough to recreate with items you already own, but if you're itching to shop, we have you covered. Her look is especially easy to curate because we’d wager that most of the items come from Hailey’s collection with the brand Wardrobe.NYC. Below, we’ve outlined our favorite blazers and leggings, including the pair we suspect Hailey wore in her recent look.

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