How To (Confidently) Wear A Beret

Jane Birkin called—she said you look great.

woman wearing plaid pink coat and white beret
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The first beret I ever bought was bright red and had subtle leather detailing. I was over the moon with excitement when I picked it up, confident that this single accessory would transform my entire vibe from insecure adolescent to worldly, confident woman. The only problem? I had no idea how to properly balance the pancake-like piece atop my head, and I was confident that I'd be receiving side-eyes all day from my high school classmates if I wore my beret to school.

So that your beret doesn't collect dust for the next ten years (like mine did), I'm here today to provide you all with a comprehensive guide to wearing a beret with confidence, so you can channel your inner French It-Girl without feeling like you're in costume. 

A Brief History of the Beret

vintage photo of a woman wearing a beret with a plaid coat

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It's interesting that berets are seen now as superfluous accessories, because they were once considered utilitarian. Long worn by French military men, peasants, and artists (most famously by Dutch painter Rembrandt), berets were a predominantly male accessory until Coco Chanel began flaunting them herself in the 1920s. They were later used as political statements by American organizations such as the Young Lords and the Black Panthers—but for many, they still hearken back to classic French style.

How to Put On a Beret

woman wearing a blue beret with striped pants

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The lightweight beret provides just enough warmth without flattening your hair or making you sweat like the (also beloved) beanie might, so it's the perfect hat for spring. To wear it, place it flat on your head with the brim covering the very top of your forehead, then pull down the back or the side so that the hat is secured to your head. You can wear it lopsided, perfectly straight, or pulled down over your ears for extra warmth. C'est simple!

How to Style a Beret

Make It Monochromatic

woman wearing a beige beret with a beige outfit

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woman wearing a pink beret with jeans and a black tee and a pink skirt

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Make the beret an integral part of your outfit by matching it with your pants, shirt, coat—even your shoes! Berets come in every color you can think of, so you'll have no trouble finding one that goes seamlessly with your outfit.

Dress It Down with Jeans and a Tee

woman wearing a beret with jeans and a white turtleneck

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woman wearing a beret with jeans and a white tee

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Being that the beret has such a fancy contemporary reputation, you may want to balance it out with a classic jeans-and-white-tee outfit. It'll elevate your casual weekend 'fit while playing down the oh-so-European accessory. Win-win.

Pair It With a Statement Piece

woman wearing a beret with a black blazer and purple patterned pants

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woman wearing beret with a patterned top and green skirt

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If you're still nervous about your beret attracting attention, distract onlookers by bringing attention to the rest of your look with a