Katie Holmes Concurs: Gucci's Horsebit Loafers Will Always Be In Style

The luxury shoe is—and always has been—worth the investment.

Katie Holmes in a green sweater, green pants, and black jacket
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Tried-and-true pieces, the ones guaranteed to hold up in quality and never go out of style, are almost always worth the splurge. Where some invest in the stock market, we choose to invest in our closets. Reliable footwear can make getting dressed in the morning simple, and knowing that our favorite pairs will stick around for seasons to come is reassuring. That said, it can be difficult to spend an entire paycheck on a pair of shoes, but certainly, some are worth the splurge. The perfect example? Katie Holmes' Gucci Horsebit loafers

If anyone knows the importance of an investment piece, it's Holmes. Our street style muse and go-to for relatably chic outfits (see: her chic camel coat) Holmes’ style is equal parts practical and sleek. When in doubt, she’ll almost always throw on a large jacket over whatever else—even her comfiest sweat set—and still look undeniably cool. Holmes had a similar styling outlook with her latest ensemble made up of a monochromatic black color palette (a celebrity favorite this season), including a black coat, jeans, and, of course, her black leather loafers while out for a winter stroll.

Holmes tossed her hair up in a messy bun and threw on aviator sunglasses—the tell-tale sign of a woman on the go—with the majority of her outfit being centered around her double-breasted black coat. With impeccable knee-length tailoring and a structured shoulder, from even a mile away the coat looked expensive. Her black turtleneck was slightly visible, as was her straight-leg black jeans. The cherry on top was her Horsebit loafers, which elevated the energy of the look just enough to find the perfect midpoint of polished and casual.

Katie Holmes gucci loafer

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If, for example, she were to swap the loafers with a pair of her favorite black Adidas Samba sneakers, the look would feel more casual and less put-together. Sure, loafers can feel stuffy when styled with the wrong outfit, but if styled correctly, they provide a dose of necessary put-togetherness that makes even the pickiest forget about their bad hair day or mismatched socks. Gucci's option, in particular, doesn’t boast in-your-face hardware or a chunky sole. It’s sophisticated and easy, and we’d wager will work with any outfit in your closet.

If there's one thing we know for sure about the year ahead in footwear news, it's this: In 2024, we’ll be investing in a quality loafer. Take cues from from the actress and allow the shoe to be a safe throw-on-and-go option that can add sophistication to any ensemble.

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