Katie Holmes' Camel Coat Is the Secret to Her Effortlessly Chic Street Style

Easy, one-and-done dressing done Katie's way.

Katie Holmes in a Camel Coat, colorful plaid scarf, jeans
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In the colder months, the crux of your outfit comes down to your outerwear. After all, when it's 30 degrees or below, you won't be putting your well-styled separates on display; you'll be shrouding yourself in your best puffer jacket or peacoat and praying the chill doesn't penetrate. In some cases, in fact, your coat is the outfit. Look to Emily Ratajkowski's winter coat collection—particularly the plaid fur coat she recently sported on a New York City stroll. Katie Holmes is another adept style icon who understands the importance of high-impact outerwear. Specifically, Holmes calls on a chic camel coat from The Frankie Shop to tie her cold-weather looks together.

On a recent outing in NYC, Holmes wore the Gaia Coat, which boasts a double-breasted and oversized silhouette and hits either the ankle or floor, depending on the wearer's height. For Holmes, it fell to the hem of her straight-leg blue jeans, just above her dark brown suede boots. As for the rest of the actress' outfit, she donned a light tan chunky ribbed sweater that looked like the ideal pullover for a frigid New York day. She accessorized with a rainbow-plaid blanket scarf, a gray baseball cap, and a super slouchy black leather tote bag.

Katie Holmes in a camel coat, blue jeans, and plaid scarf.

(Image credit: Backgrid)

This is not the only time we've seen Holmes call on the magic of her classic camel coat. We saw her wear The Frankie Shop's double-breasted number just a few days ago: She teamed the Gaia with gray sweatpants and black Adidas Sambas. This incredibly relatable ensemble still felt put together due to her tailored outerwear. When it's too cold to thaw out the styling portion of your brain, and you need to run out of the house for a quick errand, what do you wear? As Holmes and all of us know, sweats, sneakers, and whatever coat you can grab first out of your closet.

Given how often she's wearing her caramel-colored style from TFS, it's safe to say that the coat is a key component of her effortlessly chic style. It's safe to say that the neutral piece is a foundational element to the 'bustling downtown mom' trend, a laidback, on-the-go aesthetic Holmes recently launched that calls on easy basics and impactful outerwear.

You can shop Holmes' exact style below and a sampling of other camel coats that call on the effortless sophistication of the outerwear silhouette.

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