Margot Robbie Just Carried A Mega-Sized Clutch To Run Errands

A minimalist take on 2024's biggest handbag trend.

Margot Robbie
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Trend forecasters have confirmed that supersized, gargantuan bags will be 2024's biggest handbag trend (no pun intended), and from the looks of it, celebrities are already all in. Case in point: Margot Robbie stepped out carrying a clutch that fits right into the supersized trend category: a downright massive one from Bottega Veneta.

While running errands around Santa Monica, the actor opted for a classic oversized blazer and blue jeans combination that gave off all the effortlessly cool vibes one could want. Despite embodying all things Barbie while on the red carpet, Robbie has a much more laid-back approach to her off-duty style. We've seen her gravitate towards oversized proportions and master the art of layering, making her an unexpected street-style icon to keep an eye on. Perhaps this is, in part, due to her recent turn towards all things Bottega Veneta. Channeling the brand's modern-day elegance approach, Robbie styled her oversized clutch with a grey blazer over top a simple white tank top, paired with straight-leg jeans and black leather mules, both from Bottega Veneta.

Margot Robbie wearing an oversized blazer with blue jeans and an oversized handbag

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We've been following Robbie's venture into her Bottega Veneta era for a while now, and frankly, we can't get enough of it. The modern-day elegance of the fashion house pairs seamlessly with Robbie's personal style, and as a result, we've recently gotten some of her best street-style moments to date. Robbie isn't the only celebrity leaning into Bottega. Jennifer Lawerence has also made clear her love for the luxury brand, wearing a head-to-toe Bottega Veneta off-duty look that's not so far off from Robbie's look.

That being said, Robbie's minimalist ensemble sets itself apart with a gigantic clutch, which we need to get back to. Yes, the gargantuan handbag trend is a comical concept in itself and can walk the line of camp, but the way Robbie has put together her look makes the bag fit into the look like a missing puzzle piece instead of overpowering the overall look. She's also not the only A-lister currently leaning into the bigger bag moment. Zoe Kravitz was spotted carrying a ginormous tote bag while out to dinner with Taylor Swift, while Kim Kardashian recently donned a mega-sized Birkin bag with a pricetag as outrageous as the bag itself. While tote bags tend to be on the larger side to begin with, Robbie's oversized clutch signals a true shift in the size of all of the bags in our wardrobes, not just our carry-alls.

While we would love to get a "What's In My (Ludicrously Capacious) Bag?" video from Robbie, we can imagine what she's toting around. Perhaps a manuscript for an indie rom-com she's producing starring Florence Pugh and Paul Mescal? Sorry, just needed to put that into the universe. Or perhaps it's empty, and she's just carrying it around for the vibes. Either way, we will take this as a cute to hop the trend before it becomes too mainstream. Scroll on for mega-sized clutches to shop right now.

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