Hearst Magazines Announces First-Annual Hearst Fashion Hack

In today's digital world, it seems like everyone has some degree of "techie" in them. We constantly peruse the web, add filters to our iPhone pictures, and track our growing number of Twitter followers. At Marie Claire, we even impress ourselves with the amount of internet time we clock-in everyday to stay informed on the latest in fashion industry news.

And so enters Hearst Magazines' first-ever Hearst Fashion Hackathon. Taking place on Feb. 9 and 10 during New York Fashion Week, more than 150 developers will compete at the Hearst Tower to create fresh, fashion-focused apps and programs on platforms sponsored by Hearst's biggest brands, including Marie Claire.

Judges (including Hearst Magazines President David Carey, among others) will evaluate finished products, with the grand prize winner being awarded $10,000, additional funding for development and a mentorship with Hearst Digital Media.

"Fashion and technology are ever-changing, evolving at lightning speed," Carey said in a statement. "Our readers are passionate and well-versed in both, so it is a priority for us to continually provide new, first-to-market online and mobile experiences. The buzz of energy and creativity at this hackathon is going to be extraordinary and inspiring."

Stay tuned for more information and competition results by following the #HeastFashionHack Twitter hashtag.

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