How Do You Shop? A Technology May Already Know...

If you didn't like that shirt you picked off of the shopping rack, a surveillance camera may have already captured your displeased facial expression, according to The New York Times. Stores are trying to compete with e-commerce tracking methods by recording customer habits and motions, whether by tapping into cellphones or observing how long guests dwell in the candy aisle. Companies like RetailNext have access to a phones' Wi-Fi capabilities to see where in a store a customer is standing — even if they aren't connected to the Wi-Fi network. This technology uses data to see how customers navigate throughout a store, which can then be used to improve the layout. Other companies, like Realeyes, analyze facial cues to check a customer's happiness level, while the start-up Synqera tailors marketing messages to a customer's gender, age, and mood by facial recognition. A little Minority Report, no?

What's your opinion on this new shopping technology? Do you think it's too "Big Brother," or do you like the idea of this e-commerce experience

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