Big Girl in a Skinny World at Fashion Week: Burberry

Hello Ladies,

I've dissected just about every show from Fashion Week abroad. I spent the last few weeks glued to my computer screen waiting for updates from the runways and checking out the live-streamed shows. And now that it's all over, I must say that one of my favorite shows was Burberry Prorsum. It was all about the jacket—military, leather, shearling, pea, or some gorgeous combination of any of the above, and good news for us: The style of the jackets can easily transfer into a curvy girl's wardrobe. The key elements in this collection were the flattering cuts and silhouettes and the extreme wearability (for once, fashionable jackets that actually look warm!).

Finding a jacket for fall is an obvious task, but many times we just go for whatever fits and overlook how important it is for jackets to be chic. Truth is, we spend most of the fall in our jackets. For better or for worse, they cover up our oh-so-calculated outfits, and many times we settle for mediocre outerwear.

So my best advice for curvy girls is to find jackets and coats with visual interest and special details. Silhouette-wise, you want to go with a cropped jacket that hits at or just above your hips. For a coat make sure it stays at or right above your knees, because anything longer will only make you look short and stubby. And while we may not be able to buy a jacket straight off the runway, it is important to take cues from the designs and have a reference point when you're shopping. Stay tuned for more shows that will be sure to inspire a great fall wardrobe.


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