Joanna Coles Spoofs Elle Fowler's "What's in My Bag" Video

MC editor-in-chief Joanna Coles spoofs haul vloggers Elle and Blair Fowler's "What's in My Bag" video.

Last week, haul vloggers, YouTube stars, and all-around adorable gals Blair and Elle Fowler stopped by MC's offices to come hang out with us because basically, we're obsessed (check out our July issue story on the girls). We shot a few videos together, including an explanation of how they unexpectedly caused a mob scene at Time Warner Center and subsequently managed to get themselves banned (!). As big fans of Elle's What's in My Beach Bag?" video, our EIC Joanna Coles decided to create her own version straight from her office. While we appreciate what the Fowler sisters do — making these videos is harder than it looks — we have to say, Joanna does a pretty damn good job herself. Maybe we need to set her up with a YouTube channel of her own...

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