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How to Wear Last Night's Party Outfit to the Office Today

Like a boss, that's how.


Like a boss, that's how.

Throw a summer-y blouse over your crop top to make it more office-appropriate, add in a casual cross body messenger bag to take the edge off those ultra-high shoes, and BOOM—you're ready for that 10:00 am meeting with the boss.

Coach Side Opening Blouse With Applique, $450, coach.com; Coach Saddle Bag, $550, coach.com

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Pantsuits aren't just something you find in your mom's closet anymore, everyone. All it takes to make Kylie Jenner's stunning party look appropriate for waking hours is a chunky black boot and an oversized tote bag. Voila, nailed it.

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Problem: last night's look has too much boob-age to wear during daylight hours. Solution: keep the slimming pencil skirt right where it is and balance the body-con with a high neck top. Add in a bright tote for good measure, because why not?

Coach Shrunken Broiderie Anglaise Top, $295, coach.com; Coach Skinny Tote, $695, coach.com

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If last night's look is a liiiiittle too leggy to wear in front of your coworkers, take it down a few notches by rocking an oversized sweater and ditching your heels for stylish sneaks. Pro tip: choosing high-end designer sneakers will help prevent unwanted "casual Friday" vibes.

Coach Western Surf Sweatshirt, $395, coach.com; Coach C103 Sneaker, $295, coach.com

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So, how do you give the day-time treatment to a sexy slip dress? No bigs, just pick up on the color of your dress (in this case a gorgeous cerulean) and grab a jacket + bag in the same color family. P.S. While slip dresses look cute with sneakers, we vote you keep the heels.

Coach Applique Biker Vest, $1395, coach.com; Coach Rogue Bag, $795, coach.com

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Fact: you can wear a crop top to the office. That is, if you style it right. Pair last night's belly shirt with a high-waisted skirt to minimize midriff (less than an inch is the sweet spot), and go ahead and exchange those sky-high heels for a chic pair of boots so the look is less "happy hour" and more "staff meeting." And if you end up with an impromptu pitch meeting, you can always zip a jacket half-way up.

Coach Calico Skirt $695, coach.com; Coach Patchwork Bandit Shoe $495, coach.com

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Chunky carry-alls with contrast stitching scream day-time, and adding one to last night's look immediately gives it a sunny wash. Meanwhile, if your short skirt is inappropriate for work, go ahead and throw on a pair of embellished sneaker or flats. In fact, if there's one thing you take away from this list it's that sneakers solve everything—especially when they're this cute.

Coach Rogue Bag, $795, coach.com; Coach C103 Sneaker, $345, coach.com

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