The One Clothing Item We'd Never Be Caught Dead In (It's Not Crocs)



Fashion has a way of making you change your mind, however made-up you think it might be. Crocs? Christopher Kane's got you there. Bike shorts? Just give it a minute. But some are still bold enough to give certain clothing items that will soon be named a permanent thumbs-down. Ahead, seven pieces to which our editors just say no.

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1 Platforms

"The one thing I will never wear are platforms. I'm tall (5'8"), so the only reason I wear heels is to make my butt and legs look better, and platforms don't do that—they add height but nothing else." —Danielle McNally, senior features editor

2 Peplum Tops

"I suppose I pride myself on being a fashion contrarian—the more forbidden a clothing item, the more I want to make it work. I've got a closet full of fleece, leopard print, camo, and other traditionally tacky items. I draw the line at peplum tops, though. Even though they're engineered to flatter fuller-figured women like myself, the attempt to conceal the belly seems to draw more attention to the waist. When I've tried them on, I felt like Jane Jetson in the worst kind of way." —Jazmin Jones, video editor

"I wore way too many peplum tops in college—they were my go-to 'going out' look—and now I'm scarred. I know it's a flattering cut on some people, but now the look just screams JUNIOR to me." —Rosa Heyman, social media editor

3 Low-Rise Skinny Jeans

"They're glorified leggings–and oftentimes even less flattering." —Lauren Valenti, beauty editor

4 Mermaid Dresses

"A) So not right for my proportions, and B) I hate the idea of having to shuffle around—lemme walk!" —Jessica Pels, digital director

5 Cropped, Flared Denim

"I think they are hideous and a fashion disaster and we're all going to look back on this time and say 'good god, I am filled with SHAME SHAME SHAME.' They are, if you will, the JNCO jeans of our time. In 10 years, there will be a Buzzfeed list mocking celebrities wearing them." —Mehera Bonner, senior entertainment editor

6 Boat Shoes

"I will never be caught DEAD in boat shoes– ever. I went to college in Boston and experienced only what I can describe as reverse culture shock when I saw that much prep happening in one place. I quickly grew an intense disdain for boat shoes that I still hold to this day." —Bernadette Deron, editorial intern

7 Vests

"Why do they exist and why do people keep wearing them? I don't even care if they're a North Face designed to keep you warm (just buy the full jacket), an ill-conceived denim cutoff, or one of those boho vests that are supposed to be chic—please let this trend die. The last time I left the vest for dead was in high school when Banana Republic tried to make men's waistcoats a thing for women. 'It's a no from me, dawg.'Lori Keong, assistant editor

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