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14 Pieces of Jewelry You'll Want for Your Next Beach Vacay

Beaches and sand don't usually scream "more jewelry!", but these pieces might just change your mind.

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Design by Monica Park

Beaches and sand don't usually scream "more jewelry!", but these pieces might just change your mind.

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Pendant Bracelet

The perfect little Mediterranean accent to add to your beachy look.

Amrapali 18K Gold Enamel Bracelet, $805

BUY IT: netaporter.com.

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Surf's Up

Give new definition to sporty-chic. 

Tara Hirshberg Surf Pendant, $1,350

BUY IT: tarahirshberg.com.

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An Updated Puka

The classy way to wear shells. 

Irene Neuwirth One of a Kind Opal Necklace, price upon request

BUY IT: ireneneuwirth.com.

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An Accent That Stays

The days of losing your precious jewelry at the beach are over. Whether taking a dip or braving the winds, this huggie will hug your ear so tight, you won't have a worry in the world. 

Maria Tash Single Huggie Earring, $410

BUY IT: mariatash.com.

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Feel-Good Cuff

This iconic cuff reminds the wearer to aways spread 'Bonheur'—happiness and luck—and who doesn't want that on their beach getaway?

Marlo Laz Je Porte Bonheur Cuff, $3,160

BUY IT: marlolaz.com.

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Charmed, I'm Sure

Designed by Leandra Medine (behind the beloved Man Repeller), this one-of-a-kind charm necklace combines stones with diamonds. You know what they say, diamonds (and any beach) are a girl's best friend. 

Three Beach Stone Charm Necklace, $4,660

BUY IT: cvc-stones.com.

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Palm to Go

Take some tropical with you wherever you go. 

Dezso by Sara Beltran La Palmera Grande Charm, $2,850

BUY IT: dezsosara.com.

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Make a Wish

According to the tradition, you tie the bracelet around your wrist and when it falls off, the wish you made comes true. *Wishes for a villa in the South of France*

With Love Darling Wish Bracelet, $40

BUY IT: withlovedarling.com.

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Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Do you hear what we hear? (Hint: It's the ocean.) 

Pascale Monvoisin Shell Earring, $582

BUY IT: twistonline.com.

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Turquoise Waters

Turquoise and white diamonds mimic the water and crests of waves. 

Marc Alary Arte Ring, $3,900

BUY IT: marcalary.com.

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Sun and Sand and Statements

Capture the sun (and a few stares) with these beautiful hoops. 

Mateo Back to Basic Hoop, $495

BUY IT: mateonewyork.com.

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Swimming with Sharks

Shark's-tooth-inspired jewels = perfect beach accessories. 

Aurelie Bidermann Set, $240

BUY IT: aureliebidermann.com.

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Beachy Bohemian

A peace sign ring for the (beach) lover. 

Jacquie Aiche Tiger's Eye Ring, $3,190

BUY IT: jacquieaiche.com.

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Simple and Sun-Kissed

Add a little more shimmer to sun-kissed skin.

LANA Long Necklace, $895

BUY IT: lanajewelry.com.

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