Olivia Rodrigo Votes for the Adidas Samba as Her Favorite It-Sneaker

The singer swapped them with the Doc Martens she wears onstage.

olivia rodrigo street style sambas
Olivia Rodrigo takes a break from her girly-punk on-stage persona with a laidback, sporty look.
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Olivia Rodrigo is in her all-grown-up, pop-punk princess phase, shedding her former persona of a family-friendly Disney Channel star with It-sneakers to match.

So far, Rodrigo's evolution has involved a new sound, some on-stage curse words, almost-risqué costumes, and lots of Doc Martens. The singer has been spotted on and off stage in platform Docs, and strolling about town in Doc Marten Mary Janes. But yesterday, Rodrigo shifted her footwear with the solar eclipse. It's official: O. Rod is an Adidas Sambas girl.

Rodrigo was seen in the West Village wearing one of her classic street style looks—an oversized black trench coat, grey-black Levi’s 501 jeans, a black beanie, and her oval Le Specs Work It! sunglasses. But instead of her signature leather Docs, she wore black-and-white Adidas Sambas.

olivia rodrigo in street style wearing Adidas sambas

The singer traded her signature Doc Martens for Adidas Sambas, the reigning It-sneaker of the past few years.

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Last week, our Guts gal opted for a slightly preppier version of the same outfit in a white button-down shirt layered underneath a tailored, mid-length black-and-white speckled wool coat. That time, she paired it with her platform Docs and her trusty black-beanie-dark-sunnies combo.

Olivia Rodrigo in New York City for GUTS Tour April 2024

Last week, Rodrigo was still devoted to her Docs.

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Yesterday's Adidas Sambas gave Rodrigo's look a sporty edge and a less-polished rockstar feel—not to mention, her vote for 2024's best trendy sneaker. She drove the point home with her hair, tucked into her jacket collar, plus a baby blue tee and bright white ankle socks.

Her sneaker-clad street style is a break from her tour looks styled by Danielle Goldberg (the very same stylist who works on Kaia Gerber's '90s-inspired spring outfits). On stage, Rodrigo goes girly in sparkly purple mini shorts, sheer black tights, heart-shaped necklaces, a bright red bra, and a series of white ribbed tank tops printed with phrases like "Hopeful Romantic," "Flirt," "Good Girl," and "Dump Him." The pop star's concert persona is anxious and feminine, while her off-duty vibe is more relaxed—both auras are aptly reflected in her respective stage and street styles.

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