Simply Inspired: Tribeca Film Festival

Next to New York Fashion Week and Coachella, the Tribeca Film Festival is one of our favorite events of the year. Directors, actors, writers, and die-hard cinephiles coming together to celebrate the art of the silver screen--what could be better? We were lucky enough to check out a handful of this year's entries, and with fashion always first and foremost on our minds, we singled out some fantastic pieces that reflect the spirit of Tribeca 2011's most notable flicks. Read on!


Based on Leslie Schwartz's gripping novel, this Gaby Dellal-directed drama tells the story of young father Ethan (Thomas Dekker) who loses his three-year-old son Nate during a snowy trip in the Rocky Mountains. As Ethan grapples with his own sadness and guilt, the weight of the tragedy extends to other citizens of Ethan's sleepy little town, from Jeremy Piven's local prosecutor to Mira Sorvino's diner owner.

- Though he appears only in the movie's first scenes, adorable Nate is shown as the model of a playful three-year-old boy, decked out in a homemade feathered headdress to boot. Pamela Love for Topshop's dreamcatcher necklace, available starting May 26, shares the same earthy spirit.

- During a key moment in the film, Nate's mother Cindy (Lynn Collins) angrily scribbles on her car window with red lipstick, resulting in one of the movie's most indelible images. Our current favorite shade of crimson? Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rebelle. Just promise us you won't waste this one on your windows… ($32,

- Navajo prints are a must in the Rocky Mountains--but being June already, it's a little warm outside for a full-on Pendleton coat. Try Pendleton Meets OC's knit poncho instead! ($315,


In 2009, one year after the death of design legend Yves Saint Laurent, Christie's auctioned off most of the couturier's incredible fine art collection--pieces he shared with his longtime partner (in both business and life), Pierre Bergé. The two shared a sometimes rocky relationship that spanned half a century, gradually amassing a museum-worthy number of Picassos, Matisses, and Mondrians. The pair's bond is beautifully captured in this documentary by Pierre Thoretton.

- Yves Saint Laurent's beautiful ready-to-wear might cost you a pretty penny, but the house's costume jewels are somewhat more attainable. The Arty rings, available in multiple colors and beloved by the fashion blogosphere, are a new classic. ($250,

- With the introduction of his "Le Smoking" suit in 1966, Saint Laurent instantly popularized the masculin-feminin look. Elizabeth and James makes some of our favorite like-minded blazers on the market. ($395,

- YSL's couture creations might have earned him a permanent place in fashion's history books, but the brand's beauty offerings have become just as popular--especially the beloved-by-editors Touche Eclat concealer. So go ahead, battle those dark circles in an Yves-approved manner. ($40,

- Who could forget Monsieur Saint Laurent's iconic safari-style khaki shirtdresses? A.P.C.'s denim take on the piece is just as chic, and a nice pick for summer ($235,


Alexandra McGuinness' debut feature revolves around Alice, an aspiring actress who runs with a privileged crowd of rule-breaking, vodka-swilling, immaculately-attired young Londoners. Yearning for something beyond nightly parties and hedonism, Alice struggles to find meaning in an environment of total extravagance. Shot in beautiful black and white, the flick boasts a killer soundtrack and a whole lot of pretty people.

- The film's opening shot features the entire cast idly chit-chatting--and all sporting Ray-Bans, the classic mark of French New Wave cool. You just can't go wrong with a pair of Wayfarers ($145,

- When we first meet Orna, the eldest member of the crew, she's sporting a glimmering spider brooch in her hair--a stylish suggestion of her untrustworthy nature. Delfina Delettrez's spider earrings are a perfect creepy-cool alternative ($470,

- If you want to roll with Alice's clique, you'd better own a perfect party frock. Might we suggest Erin Fetherston's Cascade Dress? ($375,

- Alice's experience as an equestrienne hints at her upper-crust roots and paves the way for several key scenes in the film. Whether or not you're a horseback rider yourself, any girl can appreciate the sleek, classic lines of a dressage boot. We love Tory Burch's Elle style. ($495,

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