Workwear Wardrobe Inspiration for Those With a Case of the Mondays

After a weekend spent sipping mimosas with your pals or lounging on your couch, dressing for the office Monday can be depressing. That's why we're bringing you some serious workwear inspiration for the week.

Honestly, we're really sorry that your boyfriend jeans won't be getting much use until next weekend. In the meantime, use this fierce look from Michael Kors' Fall 2013 show as your official workwear inspiration for the week. While obviously appropriate for the office with a knee-length pencil skirt and quarter-length sleeved jacket, this ensemble is hardly your typical office attire. There are the extra details — including zippers on the skirt and jacket — that contribute to the outfit without distracting from its professionalism. These accents add flair to a typically boring area of attire. But, who are we kidding? It's really all about the intricate collar of the jacket. After all, jackets are such an office norm, so why not rock it in a not-so-normal manner?