Athletes On A MISSION: MISSION Product-Athlete Engineered Skincare

"Athletes who have been forced to compromise with inferior skincare offerings now have an array of innovative, high-performance products, engineered by athletes, to meet their needs. MISSION Product will revolutionize how athletes hydrate, nourish, restore and protect their skin, whether they're an Olympic hopeful, a running enthusiast or even a weekend warrior." -Josh Shaw, MISSION Founder and President. With the world's most accomplished athletes on board: Steve Nash, Amanda Beard, Mia Hamm, Gretchen Bleiler, Charlie Engle and Hunter Kemper, MISSION skincare products destined for nothing but the top of the podium. I've personally tested each product over the past two weeks and although I was a bit skeptical about skincare for both men and women I honestly have to admit they're GREAT! Read on to see which were my favorites and where to find MISSION Product in your area.

One of the key attributes that attracted Mia Hamm to MISSION Product was the ability for professional athletes to inspire the product development and innovation process. MISSION Product is looking forward to making an impact on the lives of future generations of athletes at all levels. And it shows. What I've found to be their greatest product so far is the MISSION Sunscreen SPF 30. It's a stick which I absolutely find essential when working out. Using your hands to apply sunscreen to your face is just uncalled for. I've had a tried and true favorite for the last 6 years but MISSION's formula is easy to apply and holds up through a two hour outdoor swimming practice. No re-apply needed. Nothing dripping into my goggles. Just great sun-block you can apply and forget about while training whether in a pool or on land.

Daily Offense™ SPF 30

Athletes know whether you're working out or competing, if
you're active in the sun, normal sunscreen just won't cut it. It doesn't stay
on, it stings your eyes and it leaves your skin feeling greasy. With this in
mind we turned to our team of pro athletes and scientists to create Daily
Offense™ SPF 30.

Using high performance technology, Daily Offense™ SPF 30
safely and effectively optimizes protection against both UVA and UVB rays.
Daily Offense is the best defense against sun damage.

Anti-sting technology doesn't sting your eyes.

Water/Sweat resistant.

Long-lasting protection allows exposure up to thirty times
longer than unprotected skin.

Oil-free, absorbs quickly, dries to the touch.

It contains no skin-drying alcohols.

For all skin types.

Net Wt. 0.6 oz. (17g)

My next favorite was the Lip Protector SPF 20. I tried it for a bike ride the other day and again, like the Sunscreen, it stayed on, in place and my lips felt just fine when I was done. There's no funky taste. Just down to business lip protector which is exactly what every athlete needs. There are definitely very subtle clues that tell you this stuff was made by the best athletes for conditions only athletes know.

Lip Protector SPF 20

The pain of dehydrated, cracked lips is part of being an
athlete, and normal lip balm isn't designed to withstand such abuse. Our team
of pro athletes and scientists recognized this, went to work, and came up with
the solution: Lip Protector SPF 20.

A lip balm and powerful SPF 20 sunscreen in one, Lip
Protector SPF 20 prevents moisture loss, provides UVA and UVB protection and
lasts long enough for you to punish your body without punishing your lips.

Contains full spectrum sunscreens and powerful antioxidants.

Easy to use slant-tip applicator.

Preservative/paraben free.

For all skin types.

Net Wt. 0.25 oz. (7g)

Third up is the Revive Gel. Again I used it after swimming and once after a run and I have to admit it's good stuff. Highly concentrated so you don't need a lot and the first thing I noticed it that it lasted well into the next afternoon. I could still feel it on my skin for more than 24 hours of moisturizing. Great for those of you spending a lot of time in the harsh drying rays of the sun.

After-Sun Revive Gel

Athletes punish their skin more than anyone. Physical
activity depletes valuable nutrients and antioxidants, which means that
athletes are constantly battling sunburned, windburned, damaged skin. To help
them out, our team of pro athletes and scientists went to work and developed
After-Sun Revive Gel.

Tested and proven in some of the harshest environments on
earth, After-Sun Revive Gel is a high performance post sun/wind-exposure
recovery product. Like an energy drink for your skin, Revive will replace the
vitamins and antioxidents lost from sweating during activity as well as soothe
and heal skin from long exposure to sun and wind. Revive Gel acts to instantly
cool and condition sunburned/windburned skin. .

Soothes and cools skin after prolonged exposure to the sun

Restores skin's natural PH balance and protects from harmful
free radicals.

Completely fragrance free, paraben free and irritant free;
making it ideal for frequent, everyday use.

It can also be used as a vitamin-enriched after shave balm.

For all skin types.

Net Wt. 3 oz. (85g)

This next product could be my number two favorite. Seriously. When the day is done and so are your feet this synergy gel is exactly what you need to be happy! A 20 mile run on Sunday and nothing felt better than when I let the gel do its thing inside a pair of socks. Just like the revive gel the moisturizing lasted well into Monday night. Maybe it should be re-named "After A Long Day Synergy Gel". And believe me 20 miles is a long least for me. So if it can bring me back from 20 I'm sure it can work for you as well.

Foot Synergy Gel

By definition being an athlete means being brutal to your
feet. Foot Synergy Gel is designed to relieve hot, tired feet following
endurance runs or grueling workouts. Our team of pro athletes and scientists
designed it to help minimize inflammation, pain and discomfort.

Foot Synergy Gel can also be used before workouts to
energize and condition your feet. The formula helps combat foot fatigue by
stimulating circulation and moisturizing dry or inflamed skin.

Re-hydrates, re-nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the skin
on your feet.

Targets dry, cracked and inflamed skin.

Helps soften soles and tough calluses.

For all skin types.

Net Wt. 2 oz. (57g)

Finally we have the anti-friction cream. Yep, cream. I know...I was skeptical too but it really works. I tried it on my feet while running, with dress shoes out at night and on a small strap rub from my swimsuit. All three were soothed by the CREAM and it wasn't messy and gooey like most glides. DIdn't ruin my shoes, socks or suit.

Anti-Friction Cream

Regardless of sport or level, every athlete has to endure
irritation stemming from skin-to-skin or clothing-to-skin friction at some
time. Knowing that petroleum jellies and band-aids are nothing more than quick
fixes, just as likely to irritate already sensitive skin, our team of
professional athletes and scientists developed Anti-Friction Cream.

A little anti-friction goes a long way - ounce for ounce,
the concentrated formula lasts five times longer than traditional lubricants.
Which means you can push yourself as far as you can go, and then some.

Anti-Friction helps to defend against and relieve chafing,
cracking and blistering.

Helps prevent chaffing, cracking and blistering from skin to
skin and clothing/gear to skin contact

Helps prevent blisters

Moisturizes while protecting skin.

Instantly heals, cools, soothes and revives skin.

Non-sticky lubricant stays slick and smooth for prolonged exposure.

Excellent for long lasting athletic and therapeutic massage.

For all skin types.

Net Wt. 2 oz. (57g)

MISSION Product Bundle Kit

The MISSION Bundle Kit includes all 5 MISSION products in
one lower-priced package:

Lip Protector SPF 20: High performance vitamin and antioxidant-infused
lip balm with UVA/UVB sun protection

Daily Offense SPF 30: The first sunscreen engineered with
Anti-Sting technology so it will not sting in your eyes. High performance water
and sweat resistant technology.

After-Sun Revive Gel: High performance moisterizer and
post-sun exposure recovery product. Like an energy drink for your skin, Revive
will replace the lost vitamins and minerals lost from sweating during activity
and from long exposure to sunlight

Anti-Friction Cream: Ideal for skin to skin and
clothing/gear to skin contact. Prevents chaffing and irritation while also
conditioning your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Concentrated formula
will outlast all other lubricants up to 5x thus reducing the need for
reapplication during activity.

Foot Synergy Gel: High performance foot conditioning and
post-activity recovery gel. Cools and conditions while improving
microcirculation to your feet to reduce swelling of your feet after activity.

A few great things to note about MISSION Product:

MISSION Product is free of preservatives and irritants and is animal cruelty-free.

MISSION Product features breakthrough technology and is formulated with clinically-proven ingredients to deliver superior skincare benefits.

MISSION Product is available at select sports specialty retailers including Foot LockerLady Foot LockerChamps SportsCity Sports and Performance Bicycle. It's also available through Eastbay and on line at

MISSION Product also supports the charities of its athletes:

The Steve
Nash Foundation: Since 2001 the Steve Nash Foundation has been dedicated to
assisting underserved children affected by poverty, illness, abuse, or neglect.
The organization aims to grow health in kids by creating opportunities for
education, play, and empowerment. Global warming is the most urgent threat facing the world
today. is a virtual march of over one million supporters
working to persuade government leaders to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and
reverse the effects of global warming.

Children's Project: Hunter Kemper supports the A-T Children's Project, an
organization raising money to find a cure for Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), a
genetic childhood disease.

Mia Hamm
Foundation: The Mia Hamm Foundation is a non-profit, national
organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for bone marrow
transplant patients and their families and the development of more
opportunities for young women to participate in sport.

The Carmelo
Anthony Foundation: Established in 2005, The Carmelo Anthony Foundation's (CAF)
mission is investing in programs and community organizations that empower and
provide opportunities for underserved children and families.

Oceana: Championing the conservation of endangered marine life,
Amanda Beard is a spokesperson for Oceana, an organization working to protect
the world's oceans.

Sports Foundation: Jessica Mendoza supports the Women's Sports Foundation, an
organization dedicated to advancing the lives of women through sports and
physical activity.

The Sheckler
Foundation: Busy building The Sheckler Foundation, Ryan Sheckler is
working to give back to the community and industry that he is so grateful to by
funding and assisting those who are in need.

Train 4
Autism: Sarah Haskins is the spokesperson for Train 4 Autism, an
organization working to raise funds for autism research, treatment and
awareness programs.

impossible2Possible: impossible2Possible is a non-profit organization dedicated
to inspiring, educating, and equipping a generation of global problem-solvers
committed to sustainable living.

Mourning Charities: AM Charities is a non-profit fundraising foundation
established by Miami Heat Star Alonzo Mourning. Since 1997, it has raised over
$6 million to provide support and services to enhance the lives of our youth.

H20 Africa: Clean water is an issue underlying many of the larger
challenges facing the African people, and it can be a solution. H20 Africa
supports sustainable, integrated water programs.

Definitely look into MISSION Product. I highly recommend it!