Kissing in Paris

Paris, the most romantic city in the world.
(Image credit: Darien Chin)

Reason #2 that Paris is the Sexiest City in the World: You can kiss your sweetie in public.

The French are famously cool with public displays of affection, which is great because Paris inspires smooches. Here are a few especially romantic spots:

* "On a gray day, walk around the aboveground tombs in the Pere-Lachaise cemetery. One would never expect it to be one of Paris's most romantic places, but it is, by far." —Aylin, 26

* "Have dinner at L'Ourcine. The menu is scribbled on a chalkboard, and the wooden tables and mirrors make the room feel timeless and lovely." —Lauren, 27

* "Walk around the Louvre pyramid at night, or take a picnic to one of the few parks where you can lie on the grass, like the Bois de Vincennes." —Mary-Laure, 30

If you're planning a trip, check out this charming guide from blogger Jordan Ferney. Just watch your step! "Dog poop is everywhere and can truly ruin some head-in-the-clouds moments," says Aylin.

Do you have any tips about romance spots in Paris?

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Photo by Darien Chin/Flickr.