My Dream Trip This Very Moment

Have lipstick, will travel.

Here's a short run-down of the "nature" I've seen in New York the past few weeks: When walking my dog, he stopped to sniff something in a patch of dirt around a tree. Turned out to be tiny (dead) baby mouse. As I was walking to work in my new bronze gladiators, I almost stepped on a severed fish head, left after the garbage was picked up from a nearby restaurant. But the last straw occurred yesterday, when I leaned close to my bathroom mirror to get my mascara just so, and realized that my face was just a few inches from a cockroach that had apparently emerged from somewhere in the medicine cabinet. On days like these, who could blame a girl could for fantasizing about getting away?

My dream trip right now—and it changes by the week—would be the Galapagos. Real nature. Penguins, giant turtles, sea lions. Big cool awesome nature. Hundreds of varieties of birds (a whole world of non-pigeons). The Galapagos is famous for its constantly adapting nature, where Darwin mapped out his theory of natural selection. In New York, survival tends to connote whether you work in finance or remembered your Metrocard. The three biggest islands of the Galapagos—San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, and Isla Isabela—even sound pretty.

And I hear one of the best months to visit is May…. Where's your dream destination this very moment?

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