The Ultimate Road Trip for Food Lovers

For years, I'd heard about "active" vacations, the kind in which couples bicycle across the French countryside, pausing only for a few sips of wine before hopping back on their saddles. For me, a vacation is about coming back revived, not exhausted, and I know that pedaling—even driving—40 miles a day would make me need a post-vacation vacation.

So when my super-athletic, globe-trekking cubicle neighbor told me about her upcoming "food road trip" to the Southeast, I braced myself, prepared to do a polite nod to her excitement about white water rafting and camping, subsisting just on nuts and berries she'd forage.

But then she laid it on me: It was a southern food road trip. She would meet her friend in Charleston, South Carolina and they'd drive together around the state and through Georgia. They compiled tons of restaurant recommendations from friends, foodies, and blogs, and plugged all of their picks into a Google Map.

How would they hit the zillion restaurants in just four days? The two plan on appetizers at one place, entrees at another, and dessert at yet another before going on for drinks. Eating your way across the South? Now that's my kind of food road trip.

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