A Little Piece of India

I went to India for the first time a year ago and I'm already craving to return. I miss the skewers of fresh meat and vegetables grilling outside of my aunt's house during parties; the shopping in lively bazaars; even weaving my way through the senseless traffic and looking out of the window to see a family of seven curiously comfortable as they ride together on one scooter.

That's why I'm absolutely ecstatic to come across Putumayo World Music's new CD, India, and book, India: A Cultural Journey, to hold me over until I visit again. India includes an array of the country's musical assortments, featuring one of my favorite songs, Tere Bina, cowritten by the man behind the award-winning Slumdog Millionaire songs and newly minted Academy Award holder, A.R. Rahman. Showcasing soothing numbers by Bombay Jayshree as well as Rahman's upbeat tempos, the collection proves a great escape and taste of India's best.

Putumayo's new book — a beautiful ensemble of over 300 photographs and travelogues exploring India's landscape, food, and culture — is also another way to visit (or revisit) the land. Travel enthusiasts won't be disappointed.

Both are now available at Borders and amazon.com.

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