Globe-Trotter Alert: JetBlue Is Offering $49 Flights

Because they love you.

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If the thought of switching your tank tops for a winter parka (UGH) has you reminiscing about all the good times you had this summer, listen up: JetBlue's upcoming sale is offering flights you don't have to save up three months salary to afford! The airline is celebrating Halloween with "Trick-or-Retreat" (haha, get it?), selling fares from as low as $49.

All available flights are pretty reasonable, but some of the best deals include New York to Florida for $99, Boston to San Juan for $194, and Long Beach to Las Vegas for $49. Just book by October 21 for travel from November 4  to February 10, and you'll ideally spend at least part of this winter face-planted on a beach somewhere.

There's just one catch: You can't flee your family for Thanksgiving. Blackout dates not included and neither are Friday and Sunday travels. But if you've got vacay days left, you're winning. 

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Mehera Bonner
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