On the Road Again: The Mongolia Charity Rally

Last year we wrote about Michele Shapiro, a New York City gal who ditched her job as a fact-checker at a glossy magazine for a far glossier gig: racing cars around the world. Michele's rallies have spanned the globe: She has raced across the Sahara; she has sped from London to Ibiza, and from Beijing to Paris. This month, she's at it again, driving with a team from London to Mongolia in a race called the Mongolia Charity Rally.

The race, which started July 10 and will take about four weeks, is a fundraiser for Mongolian charity projects, including women's centers and clinics. (Click to learn more). Michele's team will donate the very vehicle that they bought to drive in the race: a 1991 Land Rover Defender ambulance. Michele says she's packing light, prioritizing zip ties and duct tape. "You can fix nearly anything with these two items," she says. Her usual diet on the road? "Mars bars, potato chips, and Coke."

Check out her tales from the rally at her website: Drive Like a Woman.

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