The Woodlands

I travel a ton and I never know where I'm going to
train. Yes there are plenty of
websites to guide you to the closest pool, running tail and gym-but can you
REALLY train at these recommendations? I got a few of my TIMEX friends together and asked them to send in their
city and favorite places to train. That way we know that #1 it's coming from a top level athlete and #2 it
has to be great because they'd settle for nothing less.

TIMEX triathlete Kim
Hager let's us know where to train when in The Woodlands.

Where do you live/train?

The Woodlands, TEXAS

Where do you swim?

The Woodlands Athletic Center with The Woodlands Master
Swim Team

But soon we will have a brand new indoor 50 meter state of
the art natatorium

There's also find a pic of their current facility which hosted
several Jr National Swim Meets.

Her favorite place to ride?

Highway 149 in Sam Houston National major
hills but some nice rollers.

Her favorite place to run?

Huntsville State Park

Home to SunMart Endurance Run!

Kim does her weight training at home so if you know her,
look her up when you get there to find out what timet he gym opens!

Kim's ipod is usually filled with Nine Inch Nails, U2, Eminem
and Linkin Park. But what really
gets her going is "Stronger" by Kanye West.

Kim Hager lives and trains in The Woodlands, TX, where it
gets real hot and humid in the summer! She is a mom to 2 great
girls...the older one is a swimmer
and the younger one a cheerleader. She has been with the Timex Multisport Team since 2005 and was a 2004
Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier.

She enjoys watching my girls compete
and hope to run the Western States 100 some day!

Good Luck this season Kim!

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