Download A Trainer?

Download a personal trainer?

Go figure....but really why have some muscle head follow you

around a gym when you can simply listen or watch on your iPod.

An increasing number of would-be fitness buffs are asking

themselves the same questions, as more trainers package their services in audio

or video files that can be downloaded into an iPod for a quick trip to the gym.

Everyone's downloading media these days so why not exercise routines

and yoga? If you look on line you'll

see a number of sites as well as personal trainers now offer downloadable workouts.

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When not reminding runners to breathe deeply and relax their

arms, for instance, trainers also guide listeners through weight-training

routines or Pilates exercises. And for weight-training, yoga and other routines, visual

cues can be much more helpful.

So pack your shoes. grab a water bottle and download a good one for your next trip to the gym or park!

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