Running With The Dogs

  • Your puppy may

    be as out of shape as you, so go easy.
  • Before

    starting out on your exercise

    , have the pupper checked by a veterinarian (his heart,

    lungs, joints, etc.). By the way, if you haven't been exercising for some

    time, you may want to consider a checkup as well.
  • Start

    out slowly and build up endurance.

Warm him up by walking first, followed by a short jog. Let

him cool down with a walk at the end. 
Watch dogs carefully for any signs of

discomfort. They're eager to please and yours will be thrilled to be out running

with you. Unlike you, they'll ignore or even be unaware of pain.

If you see him struggling or tiring, walk.

Mind the weather. Remember dogs cannot tolerate heat as efficiently

as you can. Consequently, they're at greater risk for heat stroke or dehydration during warm weather. The best time to jog is early in the

morning or the evening, to avoid the hottest time of day.

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Bring enough water for yourself and your dog. You should

also be aware of the ground you're running on. Your dog doesn't have NIKE Air's

- he's running on his own pads. If he's been cooped up inside, the pads will

likely be soft. Give him time to

build endurance by walking for a distance, then some running, followed by

walking. As his pads toughen, you can increase the time you spend running.

If you see signs of overheating, stop immediately and cool

him down slowly with cool or tepid water (not cold).

Excessive panting

Increased salivation

Red gums

Increased heart rate




See training Fido isn't too far from training yourself!

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