This book explains how small changes in muscle strength add
up to big results.

For triathletes, the benefits of strength training are many,
from increased stability in the water and on the bike to a faster metabolism.
Stronger muscles can work longer before feeling fatigued, making strength
training indispensable to endurance athletes.

The best feature I think is the way the book is laid out. It's
clearly organized by discipline (swim, bike, run) and by muscle group,

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This book helps any athlete quickly find the best exercise
for their unique training needs. Every exercise is accompanied by full-color
art, making the routines easy and inviting to follow.

Strength Training For Triathletes also explains how to
adjust a workouts to emphasize endurance, strength, or power.

Did I mention the super cool illustrations!

And just so you know, Dr. Patrick Hagerman is a recipient of
the National Strength and Conditioning Association Personal Trainer of the Year
award in 2002, He's coached for USA Triathlon and USA Weightlifting and has
competed in triathlon, cycling, windsurfing, and adventure racing for over 25

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