The Best of Boutique Fitness

If you're looking to get in shape for spring, look no further: We've rounded up — and tested out — the best boutique workouts around. These are the classes you need to try right now.


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    Barry's Bootcamp

    What is Barry’s Bootcamp? Barry's Bootcamp is a one-stop shop. In one hour, you get cardio, free weights, resistance training, and body-weight exercises, and are personally pushed like you've never been before. Each week, the days are broken into different targeted muscle groups so you never overdo it. The red lights and music make it like a club atmosphere — and the Saturday night class even comes equipped with a live DJ, glow sticks, and shots of antioxidant juice.

    What does it do? There are no drill sergeants, no whistles, and no yelling. You burn between 800-1,000 calories in one class and get your choice of working with all sizes of free weights to help you achieve your personal goals. The high intensity interval training on the treadmill torches calories with sets of sprints, incline jogs, sideways shuffles and even backwards runs.

    How does it feel? After the first class, you’ll be extremely sore from pushing your body to a new level — a level you never thought you’d get to. But the endorphins give you a mood boost worth the burn.

    How can you get the workout at home? Barry's Bootcamp DVD Boxset is a great way to get the class experience while at home and break down the days for you just like a week at Barry's Bootcamp.

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