Everyday Germy Objects You Don't Want to Touch This Cold and Flu Season

With cold and flu season kicking into high gear, people everywhere are looking for ways to cut down on exposure to germs. Flu shots, green juices and herbal teas are a few methods, but sometimes the greatest thing you can do is to avoid particularly germy places during the fall and winter months. The Internet is filled with lists naming the most germ-infested locations you might encounter, however our editors have a feeling you're aware of your vulnerability sitting in a doctor office waiting room or watching your kids at the playground. So we compiled a list featuring some germ-loaded, everyday objects that might not be top of mind.


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    Germiest Things to Avoid

    Condiment Dispensers

    We all know restaurants strive for cleanliness, but how often do you see them sanitizing their condiment dispensers? Tapletop items restaurant-goers have come to expect are touched by everyone, and probably not cleaned thoroughly and often enough to compensate for the amount of germs. Use some hand sanitizer before holding the bottle, or be sure to wash your hands after use.

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