It takes a certain amount of luck, the perfect storm, to
meet a person at a party or at a bar. I've laid out the different ways
to "meet" a girl when out:

Mutual People Watching

I like to pick out fun activities to do with a girl when I
first meet her. Together, we can
critique outfits, laugh at antics, and make observations. It's a great
way to feel out a person's sense
of humor, and even get a feel for their intellect. But I have to watch
out for being too
critical of others or coming off as condescending.

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Hating a Place Together

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This is taken from the "perfect pick up line" I once wrote
about. I can get into someone's corner
by immediately bonding with them over how lame a place is when meeting
them. How miserable is it when the music is too loud,
or when the bar is too hot? Commiserating is a great way to build
kinship. In fact, when something sucks and you all
realize it together, you end up forming a tighter bond than when
everything is
perfect around you-the "in the trenches" together mentality.

Buying A Drink

This one is as old as time. Buying a drink can come off as cheesy, but
it's hard for a girl to be
upset with someone who buys her a drink. Personally, I've never bought
a stranger a drink. But, I have gone out with girls I like in
groups and just bought that particular girl drinks all night. Most of
the time this just ends up being $200
spent, with no date or makeout at the end. This one is a little risky
too because if you buy her a drink, she might
take it and then not give you the time of day afterward. With the
economy the way it is, I need to
make sure all investments make


My old no-fail line used to be telling a girl I liked her
outfit. Sometimes I just give in and say
that a girl is cute and go from there. But over
complimenting-especially in a drunk haze-has not really gotten
me anywhere. There has got to be a
middle ground so it is charming but not over done.

Group Breakup

The group
breakup is an intimidating proposition, but I can
achieve that rare air of confidence if I actually do it. It's risky
because sometimes girls are out
and don't want to deal with guys. If I
can get over being outnumbered, I can charm up the girl and her friends
one by
one. And, once her friends think I'm
fun, then you look that much more attractive. But going in on my own to
break up a group of intimidating girls is
easier said than done.


Sidling requires me to tap the magician in me. To sidle, I
have to simply magically appear
next to a girl. This is most easily done
at the bar. I kind of saunter up to the
bar to order your drink, right next to a cute girl, and then I lock
eyes as you
wait for the bartender. Maybe you can
even combo this with "hating the place together":

"Geeze, it takes forever to get a drink in this place," and
then top that off with buying her a drink. Magical!

Thrown Together

This happens in crowded spaces and on the dance floor. You are
out in the crowd and somehow the
current of the crowd just tosses you together. Once you're tossed
together, you might as well start talking to one
another. The only issue at this point is
making sure the tides of the crowd don't pull you apart-anchor

The most important things to achieve after knocking down
that wall of the approach are:

1. Smile

2. Eye Contact

3. Hook and Great Conversation

But I wonder if I should be approaching girls in the light
of day-like randomly in cafes or at the park or in the street. I've
never had the guts to do that. Perhaps I just need alcohol to loosen me up. But maybe it makes it
that much more
affective like a horror movie: "wow, this bad guy is even killing
people during
the day!"

But, do you enjoy being approached in broad daylight
anywhere, or would you prefer being hit on in bars or at parties?
What's the most memorable approach a guy ever
made toward you? And, which approach outlined
above would you like a guy to do to you most? Do you have any advice
for me on
making an approach-especially the kind in broad daylight?

What do you think?