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Get a Better Butt Video

Learn how to get your best butt yet with this simple and fun exercise.

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Welcome back to the third episode of Masthead with Marie Claire. And, we know you??re downloading in great numbers and if this is your first episode, then welcome aboard. We??ve got excellent things in this episode, including a behind-the-scene shoot with the former supermodel, Paulina Porizkova. We??ll be talking about makeup and what she does now, but we??ll also have our Beauty Director, Didi Gluck, talking about what to do in your 20??s, 30??s and 40??s, how to change up your makeup, what sort of foundations and skin creams to use. And, I??ll be talking to you about the beauty must-have that didn??t make the pages of the magazine. So, stay tuned.

My ask-- my editor approached her and see if she??d be interested in somehow participating in the story. She seemed like someone who would be perfect. There were obviously a lot of photographs available to us that we can go back and look at her in her 20??s and 30??s. And, it??d be interesting to shoot her in her 40??s now because-- obviously because she looks so amazing.

I mean, this is fantastic.

And so are you [unknown].

We really get to see her face.

Here she looks so young and sweet, doesn??t she?

At first, I was a child in Czech Republic--


and I was like, the really pretty girl--


and, you know, I was a pretty girl in class and everybody called me the little pretty girl and then I went through the teenage years where I was the ugly girl and nobody liked me. And then, of-- then, I became beautiful again. So, you know, it??s like, I??ve gone through-- If I had always felt beautiful from-- from the time I was born until now, I think it would be a lot harder for me because I wouldn??t know what it feels like to-- I mean, I actually know what it feels like to be unattractive--


and have to use something else in order to get attention.

It??s interesting though, she has aged so beautifully. Not all models necessarily do.

Well then, we want to know what she does, I think. What are the secrets of the way she??s aged other than obviously great lineage?

I think you need to not be afraid to experiment. That goes for everything.

Right, right.

You know, to play with products and play with it on your face and see how it makes you feel. I do love night creams--


and I try them all out and I do love day creams.


Because I have very dry skin and I always keep hoping that there is a new miracle ingredient that will help me and nobody else. I??m using StriVectin Cream for night.

Okay. Yeah.

I like the way it stings because it seem-- seems like it should be doing something.

If it??s hurting you?

If it is hurting me, it??s got to be good.

Well, she??s one of these women who also choose on everything. I mean, she??s had a career. She??s been a Mom. She??s been a wife. You know, and now, she??s back and as you know, she??s keeping herself busy, but you know, she??s had sort of a full life up to this point.

I take my work seriously.


I??m a perfectionist--


when it comes to doing anything.

I think that you see someone that most women-- probably at Marie Claire where you can just really relate to. Being a career woman and mother and a wife and all those sorts of things and juggling it and still looking fantastic.

In your 20??s, the two most important things you can do for your skin. One, get on a great cleansing regimen. Absolutely. You need to know how to cleanse your skin. I noticed we have some Dove products. Some of my favorite, in fact. Actually, I keep this by every sink in our apartment right now.

Oh, really?

Well, I mean, you know, you??re a Mom, too.


Well, often we wash our hands and, you know, force our kids to wash their hands too. It??s nice to have a cleanser that has lotion in it.

And then as far as make up in your 20??s, I think the message is, really, this is your time to get experimental like everything else in life.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

You know--

Take advantage.

Take advantage of all of the fun trend-related things you can try. Shimmery eye shadows, bright lipsticks, because--


against, you know, really young looking skin all of that looks great.

Right. Right.

And on the less sexy note, the other important thing that you should be doing for your skin in your 2??s is absolutely making sure that you slather on sunscreen everyday. It really should start, you know, when you??re one day old, but certainly, in your 20??s it will stave off lots of damage and help your 30??s and 40??s look more radiant.

And what about 30 skin care?

I would say the most important things are to get on a really good anti-aging regimen. Certainly, you want to add a retinoid to your-- to your product line up. Certainly, it-- it helps with-- with cell turnover and it makes the skin look clear and if you??re still suffering from the lingering effects of acne, you know, it can-- it can certainly help unclog your pores.

And make-up wise in your 30??s, I think the-- the important thing to concentrate on is, this is where you want to develop your look--


and perhaps, you know, you??re developing your career at this point too.


So, if you want to look a little more professional, this is not the time to come in with your, you know, gothic looking eyes necessarily--

Right. Right. Right.

unless you think, you know, to make that your statement.

Right. Unless you are--



But flawless skin, always makes you look pulled together.


And because your skin already probably doesn??t look that badly aged--


the way to bring it out is with a little bit of foundation, strategically applied, not like a mask. Just dabbed on where you need it.

For your 40??s, skin care wise. I??m going to actually do a combination of skin care and makeup. Like your 30??s, you need to obviously be thinking of active ingredients, anti-aging acne ingredients, but it??s very important that you up your moisture level.


One more make up point to remember in your 40??s, as this is the time when intense-- things tend to go south a little bit.

That??s a lovely thought.

This is when you want to make friends with your lip liner again.

Okay. Right.

Even if you haven??t used one in your 20??s and 30??s. So, when you??re top lip line starts to be not quite as defined, your lips might not look as full and plump again.


Hydration is important, but also defining your lip line will--

Right. Prevent--

help bring back the fullness of your lips.

Right, exactly and prevent that dreaded feather in your lip.

Feathery look.

We??re not actually going to cover hair in the story, but I saw these great products came in from Suave that I just thought we could chat about a little bit.

Also, a topic that we??ve covered in relation to Didi as you age--

To aging. That??s right. Uh-huh.

that your hair actually changes texture as you age.

Yeah, absolutely. It??s-- it??s important though, I mean, both of us obviously have kids and we want products that-- that help us maintain what we??re paying a lot of money to get done in the salon that gives us the styles that we want but then, also [unknown]--

That they need to work fast.

And they do work fast and we don??t want them damaging your hair.


Like, they have to-- they have to add shine, or moisture or whatever. I love multi-purpose hair products for that reason. But some of these sounded great like this one. It??s actually a daily leave-in treatment for 86% less breakage--


which for me is a big issue certainly, with the coloring and also with the-- the mom ponytail that I sport on the weekends. I get breakage.

Do you know I spoke with-- I spoke to a stylist the other day who said that this, not color fade, is the number one complaint that he gets from his clients--


that they have breakage around their hairline.

We often use kinds of products that can also like replace a gel or a smoothing cream or--

They thicken your hair--

Right. Right.

so I feel like by definition, they offer a little bit of it all.

Right. It??s great for the weekend if you just want to scrunch that in and be done with it.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ha.

One of the other benefits of being editor-in-chief is that you get to find out about all these other beauty products that you don??t quite have room to put in the magazine. And this is the one that Didi Gluck, our Beauty Director, who you saw earlier was telling me about. It??s by Shiseido. It??s called The Makeup Dual Balancing Foundation and she says it??s good for two reasons. One, it traps your skin??s changes with you so you can use it in your 20??s, 30??s and even in to your 40??s as your skin gets drier. And the reason behinds it, it sounds great to me, is that you can apply it in the morning. It doesn??t need any touch ups during the day. So basically, it??s great for 15 hours once you put it on. It sounds excellent. Anything to save time in the makeup department. That??s it for this episode. But, in our next episode, we??ll be taking you behind-the-scenes for the first ever fashion shoot of the United Nations. So for another exclusive, join us in our next episode. Until then, goodbye.

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One winner will receive year's supply of makeup products from Dior and a year's supply of hair products from Tresemmé as selected by the Sponsor. A total prize package of 485!

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