Hallie Gould

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Holiday Hairstyles: The Lazy Girl's Guide

Eight quick and easy looks for those of us who *ahem ahem* are too busy last-minute gift shopping to spend time on our hair.

The Best Golden Globes Looks, Ever.

We're oogling the designer goods from Golden Globes past.

How to Get a Boyfriend via Lazy Girl's Guide
Because having a boyfriend is cool, trying hard is not.
We Experimented With 3 Different Perfumes, Here's The Low Down

The musings of a beauty-obsessed editor blithely trying products and (hopefully) bringing the knowledge.

16 Of The Most Dead-On Lyrics About Fashion
Popular artists wax poetic about labels, style, and that ever-so-special way a woman wears her own sartorial elegance.
The Most Epic Red Carpet Fashion Moments of 2014
Our favorite celebrities did it up right this year.
Back Together? Taylor Swift Meets Harry Styles For a Drink in London
"You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me"
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17 Times Amanda Seyfried's Dog Won The Internet
In honor of the actress' 29th birthday, we've rounded up every moment that she and her adorable pup stole our hearts.
Your Backstage Pass to the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Each year the stars align with the moon, the sun sets, and the most sensationally beautiful women put on their pink silk robes and line…
The 20 Funniest Celebrity Tweets of 2014
There's something to be said for a well-timed joke in 140 characters or less.
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30 Books To Read Before You Turn 30
A mixture of literature that indulges the romance and glamour of staying out late drinking and listening to rock and roll, along with w…
Rihanna Drops New Music, We're Reeling
Is a new album closer than we thought?
The 20 Best Cyber Monday Deals 2014
Get all the greatest deals (without throwing elbows) thanks to this handy-dandy Cyber Monday guide. We've included our beauty, fashion,…
The Pros and Cons of Breaking Up in a World Run By Social Media
Con: You will accidentally black out and "like" his 200th tagged picture, and he'll get the update to his computer. And his tablet. And…
35 of Miley Cyrus' Craziest Outfits
To celebrate the pop star's 22nd birthday we've gathered 35 of her wackiest looks.
Kylie Jenner Without Makeup Sparks New Controversy About Her Lips

She's decidedly still "bored" with the whole thing.

20 Scents That Immediately Bring Back Memories
No matter what, there are always those smells that will take you right back to your childhood, your former relationship, or that one su…
10 Beauty Products That Save You Time and Money
Ever feel like there just isn't enough time in a day? Us too. Because we're busy, important ladies we need products that are easy, quic…
It's Getting Hot in Here: 15 Sexy Gifts for the Holidays

Just a few pretty little things that will get him (and you) in a come-hither kind of mood.

We Tried Dryer Sheets for Your Hair, Here's The Low Down
The musings of a beauty-obsessed editor blithely trying products and (hopefully) bringing the knowledge.
On the Bench: The Coolest Courtside Outfits
Now that basketball season is underway, we're focusing our sights on the famous crowd's chic outfits, naturally.