Mehera Bonner


From Brooklyn by way of London, I'm an entertainment reporter with a love for pizza, pop culture, and Twin Peaks—in that order. I can usually be found theorizing about why Rory and Dean never ended up together, getting way too riled up about politics and fashion, and dealing with my two children.

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Inside the Wild Life of a Royal Correspondent

These veteran reporters follow Meghan, Harry, Kate, and William 24/7—here's how they get their information.

'Rise' Is a Political Show Masquerading as a Family Drama—and That's Why It Will Be Successful spoke to the cast about being on a show that's also a statement.

We Got All the Details on Meghan Markle's Wedding Tiara

Gonna go ahead and place our bets on the Strathmore Rose.

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Good Lord, Nicole Kidman Looks Completely Unrecognizable

The actress was seen on set sporting grey hair and prosthetics.

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Here Are the Sexiest, Most Blush-Inducing Movies Coming Out in 2018

The following preview has not been approved for all audiences.

Musicians Reading Mean Tweets Is Here to Save Wednesday

"Usher seems like he'll stop in the dead ass middle of sex because he got chilly."