The Most Popular Halloween Makeup YouTube Tutorial of All Time Is...Surprising

Your 2018 Halloween costume? Done.

Halloween is officially upon us, which means you have exactly three weeks to nail down the best Halloween makeup look of your friend group. And if you’re not someone who has been planning their costume since July (it’s okay—I’m a procrastinator, too), then I’m guessing at some point in the next few weeks, you’ll end up on YouTube, scouring videos for the easiest costume to recreate at home.

To save you from spending a full night anxiety-searching, why not just go directly to the most viewed Halloween makeup tutorial of all time?

The Look

Considering there are approximately one-zillion tutorial videos on YouTube, it can be completely overwhelming figuring out where to start. Which is why the good, good people at Bustle compiled a list of the 11 most-viewed Halloween tutorials of all time. The usual suspects were on it: easy vampire makeup with 11.6 million views, a spooky nun from The Conjuring with 21.4 million views, and, of course, the creepy Pennywise clown from It with 14.2 million views.

But if you thought the number-one video would be a sexy mermaid, or a sexy leopard, or a sexy unicorn video, then you’re about to be (pleasantly? Sadly?) surprised. Because the most-viewed Halloween makeup tutorial on YouTube is none other than a tutorial for all the characters from Pixar’s 2015 Inside Out, with more than 205 million views. 205 million. What?!

The Details

Though the tutorial was initially posted in July of 2015—you know, when it was still topical and relevant—people are still watching and commenting on the video to this day. Which means if you did decide to go as Disgust, Anger, Joy, Sadness, or Fear (the main characters in the movie, FYI) this Halloween, as the ultimate #TBT, you can rest assured that people will at least recognize what is on your face.

Still, if the idea of wearing makeup from a kid’s movie (albeit an Academy Award-winning kid’s movie) isn’t your idea of a fun time, then try out one of these gorgeous, crazy-easy makeup looks that were hand-picked by me, your resident YouTube stalker.


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(Image credit: Design by Bridget Burns)