St. Tropez's Self Tan Mousse Is On Major Sale for Prime Day 2021

st tropez self tanner
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  • Typically $42, St. Tropez's streak-free Self Tan Mousse is on sale for Amazon Prime Day for $30.
  • It's easy to apply, hard to screw up, and the smell is truly good.

    The first day of summer was Sunday! Do you have your tan yet? I most certainly do not, but will very shortly thanks to my number one fave self-tanning product, St. Tropez's Self Tan Mousse, being on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

    A brief history of my relationship with tanning. I have fair skin, but not the kind of alabaster/porcelain doll skin that shows TF up on camera, Duchess of Hastings-style. My skin loves a little color, but I've interviewed one too many dermatologists on the dangers of the sun's rays to be comfortable coming at it naturally. And so: I'm down for self-tanner (DFST). The problem is that without exception, at-home sunless tanning is tedious, streaky, and doesn't smell great. No matter how well you exfoliate, or how painstakingly you apply, somehow, the DHA agent in sunless tanners still manages to leave my skin a patchy and displeasing orange.

    Until...I met the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. First of all, it's a foamy, whipped mousse texture, which means a really even application is a lot easier. (It comes with a mitt, which helps you smooth it on and prevent your hands from getting orangey.) When you apply lotions, it's hard to tell what you've applied—and so sometimes you apply two coats, which of course makes those sections richer—whereas the mousse is obvious and honestly a little fun. And when you apply the product really evenly, that also means you're less likely to get excess product settling into the fine lines around your knees or ankles. However, let me just note that you don't have to be finicky when you apply. You can smooth it all over yourself with relative care, and expect good results.

    St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

    Next, there's something about the naturally occurring DHA the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse contains. It's just not orangey? And it's not one shade fits all. It's a golden glow on me, and a more champagne bronze on a friend I turned on to it. Here's another time that you don't have to take my stray anecdotes as gospel: 8,300 happy faux tan stans have reviewed it on Amazon, and uploaded all manner of hot dog/leg pics for you to scrutinize.

    Lastly, we'll address the smell. Most sunless tanners smell...not unlike hot dogs? Or like hair salons? Or like the veggie crisper bin of a stale refrigerator? This one smells...not like that. It has a pleasant fragrance that's not a masking sort of bathroom spray fragrance, but a slightly citrusy, optimistically summery scent that I've started to associate with tan legs that I'm proud of. In conclusion, if you too are DFST, please enjoy this miracle product that is on excellent sale now.

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