Nose Waxing: The Final Frontier

Monica Rodriguez

Before you think this is just another blog entry about the horrors of going bare down there, I want to say that I'm okay with bikini waxing (Brazilian, sphinx, landing strip — anything short of Swarovski crystals).

Actually, I find that if you're dating any guy who grew up watching '90s porn (the same men who practice manscaping and use gadgets like the Philips Bodygroom Pro — a glorified groin trimmer that 007 would probably have), a neat nether region is pretty much expected, from both consenting parties.

No, I want to tell you about a new hair removal trend — for men and women. When I was getting some grooming done at Completely Bare on Bond Street in New York City, I asked my aesthetician about the special wax she was using. "It doesn't dry hard, but stays soft, like Silly Putty," explained Jordan. "And it doesn't stick to your skin, so it's really good for areas like the nostrils and ears."

What? Okay, I'm not a fan of long nose or ear hairs, but I always thought that trimmers (and for extreme cases, a pair of tweezers) would be sufficient. Apparently, I was wrong. Now nose and ear waxing is becoming a more widespread service (even if it usually is off the menu, like at Completely Bare).

Thinking of giving this new hairlessness a go? Just be careful that you don't go too far up the nostrils. "Then you'll end up sniffling all the time because your nose will constantly be running," warns Jordan. Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of completely bare, doesn't it?

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