10 Crazy-Cool Beauty Trends You Can Only Get Away with on New Year's Eve

It's now or never.
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Because if now's not the time to rock a cross-hatch brow with a crystal-embellished smoky eye and a glitter-crusted lip, when the hell is?
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The starry night eye from the Thakoon fall 2013 show
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The gold leaf applique from the Barbara Bui spring/summer 2015 show
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The moody glitter lip from the Rodarte fall 2014 show
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The painterly flecks from the Manish Arora fall 2013 show
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The silver bat wing eye from the Fashion East fall 2014 show
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The gold lip from the Aigner spring/summer 2014 show
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The over-the-top embellishment from the Ashish spring/summer 2015 show
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The cross-hatch brow from the Yamamoto spring/sumer 2015 show
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The '70s-vibe eye from the Anna Sui spring/summer 2014 show
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The star-sticker eye from the A Detacher spring/summer 2015 show
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