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This 10-Step Korean Beauty Routine Is One You Can Actually Try

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While a perfect complexion doesn't always come naturally, Korean women seem to have the regimen for flawless skin on lock. Taking cues from SokoGlam's popular 10-step Korean skincare routine, here's the exact same regimen using products you can get right here in the U.S.

Step 1: Start With a Blank Canvas

First thing's first: Prep your skin by wiping away makeup, excess sebum and everything in between with a deep cleansing towelette. Follow up with a light oil cleanser that'll hydrate without leaving residue behind.

Yes to Cucumbers Face Cleanser Towelettes, $5.69; target.com; Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil, $38; sephora.com

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Step 2: Make Sure All The Dirt is Out

Ultra clean skin is the goal here, so cleanse again with a gentle foam to remove any dirt and imperfections.

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser, $28; caudalie.com

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Step 3: Exfoliate the Bad Away

Time to scrub—carefully buff dead skin away with a mild, natural sugar scrub. Focus on the areas that could use an extra dose of TLC, like enlarged pores on your cheeks or blackheads on your nose.

Fresh Sugar Face Polish, $62; fresh.com

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Step 4: Tone It Up

After such an intense triple cleansing session, your skin could benefit from a quick toning. Use one that's formulated for your skin type to clarify your epidermis without leaving your skin feeling tight.

Murad Clarifying Toner, $22; murad.com

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Step 5: The Essence of Essence

Arguably the most important part of the K-beauty regimen, essence—a super concentrated liquid lotion—does something special to invigorate the skin. Spritz a light mist over your entire face to revitalize your complexion and brighten up your look.

Origins Ginger Essence Sensuous Skin Scent, $57; macys.com

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Step 6: Add a Serum

The thicker, more potent formula in serums and ampoules help cure skin evils (like uneven tone) and build skin elasticity. Use only the thinnest layer, though, so your skin doesn't feel tacky or sticky.

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum, $154; saksfifthavenue.com

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Step 7: Mask Yourself

Soothing sheet masks are another integral part of the Korean skincare routine, but don't overdo it. Two or three times a week is ideal to reap the maximum skin-brightening and revitalizing benefits.

Sephora Collection Face Mask, $6; sephora.com

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Step 8: Don't Neglect the Eyes

Eliminate wrinkles and puffiness—and take years off your look—by adding an intensive eye cream to your nightly routine.

Chantecaille Stress Repair Concentrate, $175; neimanmarcus.com

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Step 9: Add That Moisture Back

Now that your skin is squeaky clean, it's time to moisturize and get the blood flowing. Use a lightweight emulsion and massage it in using sweeping circles with your fingertips to stimulate circulation and leave your skin totally soft and supple.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, $32; benefitcosmetics.com

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Step 10: Get Your Beauty Rest

Your skin rejuvenates itself even while you're snoozing, so just before you get in bed, lather on another creamy moisturizer than will work through the wee hours of the night.

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Water Gel, $18.99; neutrogena.com

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