The 14 Best Body Oils for Skin That Glows

Level up.

Body Oils for skin that glows
(Image credit: Jonathan Storey)

Many of us have extensive skincare routines when it comes to our face, but the skin on the rest of our bodies gets neglected. Sure, towel-drying off in a hurry post-shower and throwing on your clothes won't kill your or send your skin into a tailspin, but you're skipping some essential nourishment for the biggest organ in your body—and some crucial opportunities for self-care. And if you're starting to notice signs of aging like I am, it might be time to up your body care game. Enter: the wonderful world of body oils.

While body lotions are always reliable—there are many I love—I find oils to be more my style. They always smell heavenly, they easily sink into the skin, and the experience of applying them is more sensorial. Since they're currently all the rage, more and more luxurious formulas are cropping up every day. And they're not one-size-fits-all! If your skin is looking a little dull, an exfoliating formula will dissolve dead skin for a freshly-buffed glow. Or maybe your elbows and knees are looking cracked and dry, and a super-hydrating blend of oils is in order. Even if your skin is looking healthy as can be, moisturizing it is key for keeping it that way. Whatever the issue, there are hundreds of options out there, so we've rounded up the best body oil for every skin type and concern.

Taylore  Glynn

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